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Verse Chat Product Roadmap
Beta V.01
  • Storytelling
    All Verse’s are stitched together daily in order to tell your story. Share your own or view your favorite stories from people or brands that you follow.

  • Verse Sharing Options
    Did you find someone else’s Verse hilarious or interesting? If they enable sharing options for that Verse, Re-Verse it out to you followers, save it to your device, or share it to your favorite social networks.

  • Verse Lifespan Options 
    Verse’s are set to disappear after 24 hours by default. But if you want them to exist forever, no worries… you can do that too.

  • Group Chats 
    The most immersive way to chat. Try it. We guarantee loads of fun. 😃

  • Mentions
    In group chats, you can direct a message to anyone in the group.

  • Likes
    Show your love on your favorite content.

  • Message Statistics
    Learn who is engaging with content through views and likes.

  • Public Profiles
    Share and promote yourself publicly across the Internet with your own Verse profile.

  • Quick Scroll
    Quickly find content with the ease of a swipe.

  • Security
    Verse has PNV, 2FA, HTTPS, 128-Bit SSL, OAUTH2, E2E encryption, blah, blah, blah... Your security and privacy are very important to us!  You can also control the sharing permissions and content expiration for any of your posts.
    • Phone number verification
    • Facebook OAUTH login
    • Two-factor authentication
    • 128-Bit SSL
    • End-to-End encryption

  • Multi-Language 
    • Welcome, Welkom, Bienvenue, 欢迎, Добро пожаловат, bem-vindo! Verse currently supports ten languages including Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Spanish, German, Korean, French, Russian, Italian, Portuguese, and Vietnamese... with many more languages to come!

  • Cross-Platform 
    Have an iPhone, Android, Apple Watch, or Android Watch? We got your back.

  • Free to Use With No Ads
    Now that's cool! 👍